16 Feb 2018

DA-Group acquired HeViMet, precision mechanics and injection mold manufacturer

HeViMet designs and manufactures high quality injection molds for plastics manufacturing customers. The company also produces precision-machined mechanical parts by specialty milling, electrical discharge machining and wire EDM process. HeViMet has moved its production to DA-Group’s facilities in Forssa and continues to operate under its established brand.

HeViMet serves globally operating Finnish companies, who manufacturer thermoplastic products. For these plastics manufacturing companies, it is essential to have well designed and top quality injection molds for their production. The common factors for HeViMet‘s and DA-Group’s customers are the most stringent machining and quality requirements.

Sami Kotiniemi, DA-Group’s CEO, says that the acquisition is a significant step in establishing the state-of-the-art precision mechanics center in the Forssa headquarters.

- Both parties’ objective is to strengthen the comprehensive service portfolio to the customers. For over a decade, DA-Group has delivered subsystems, instruments and devices within radio frequency and microwave technologies requiring high precision mechanics for uses in space and defence sectors.

The synergies of acquisition manifests also in a major investment of a fully automated machining center. HeViMet has ordered a new 5-axis dynamic machining system. The investment will benefit HeViMet’s clients as well as DA-Group’s customers requiring the highest precision and quality. The automated center with its robotics can be operated 24/7 unmanned producing significant efficiencies in production quantity and quality.

HeViMet’s managing director, Vili Heiskanen, points out that the company’s professionals have the long legacy in providing the injection molding tools for corporations manufacturing products of thermoplastic and polymer materials. Although established in 2015 as a spin off, the expertise of the professionals spans over four decades.

As an example, the company manufactures injection molds for businesses offering consumer goods, such as plastic buckets, mugs, baby spoons and parts for gardening tools. In addition, the clientele also consists of customers in health and defence sector needing advanced molding tools designed and manufactured for high-end uses, such as LED lenses and defence devices.

In recent years, Heiskanen has witnessed the trend that many Finnish companies have had to order injection molds from abroad. Having experienced costly and time-consuming repairs and defects of the molding tools produced elsewhere, domestic companies are now starting to bring injection mold design and manufacturing back to homeland.

- HeViMet’s merger with DA-Group and investments in the new state-of-art machining tools enable us to offer our domestic customers the highest quality molding tools with excellent and timely service locally.

More information:

DA-Group, Sami Kotiniemi, CEO, Tel. +358 29 0800 922,
HeViMet Oy, Vili Heiskanen, Managing Director, Tel. + 358 40 828 8997,

HeViMet’s managing director Vili Heiskanen and DA-Group’s CEO Sami Kotiniemi in the precision mechanics and injection mold manufacturing hall. 

Photo: Lassi Puhtimäki

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HeViMet designs and manufactures high quality injection molds for plastics manufacturing companies that convert thermoplastics into their high quality products. HeViMet also produces precision-machined mechanical parts by specialty milling, electrical discharge machining and wire EDM process. The comprehensive machine shop with most modern equipment enables the company to serve the most demanding customer needs. The professionals manage the complete life cycle of plastic articles and support the client from the initial product development phase to the finished product. 







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